Get Your Lower Back Pain under Control - and Get on with Life, Anthony Guarino, MD

Dr. Guarino’s Clinical Practice

Dr. Guarino designs an individualized treatment plan not only to help decrease pain symptoms, but to provide the tools needed to enhance one’s quality of life. Every evaluation involves consideration of each of the following: surgery, injections, medications, physical conditioning, and psychological care. Ultimate decisions about a care path involve coordination between the patient and the physician.

The current focus of Dr Guarino’s practice is the use of interventional procedures to reduce pain as well as the need for opioid medications.

A parital list of interventional procedures are the following:

Epidurals in the spine

Facet injections in the spine

Radiofrequency neuroablations (nerve burning)

Laser Spine Surgery

Discograms and disc decompressions

Spinal cord stimulation

Intrathecal targeted drug administration (morphine pump)

Endoscopic spine surgery

Clinical evaluations take place in Dr. Guarino’s office in Merritt Island, Florida. If you would like an appointment, please contact his patient intake coordinator at 321-735-6220. Thank you.